Surefire Institute Two man Tactics [Details] [Register]
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Course Category         Low Light
Course Type: Open Class
Course Name: Surefire Institute Two man Tactics [Details] [Register]
Dates: Call with Interest

SureFire Low Light Operator Trainer Course [Register]
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Course Category Low Light
Course Type: Open
Course Name: SureFire Low Light Operator Trainer Course [Register]
Dates: Call with Interest
Prerequisite: Priority will be given to Law Enforcement
Class Length: Two Day

20 hours
Description: This course is designed primarily to develop the low-light skills of instructors who will provide training at the patrol level, but also is appropriate for individuals who seek more in-depth training than the one-day Low-Light Tactics course provides. Graduates will be certified to teach a one-day low-light course within their own departments, greatly increasing the ability of patrol officers to prevail in low-light, lethal force engagements. This is not a “learn-how-to-teach” course; attendees are presumed to already be qualified in general methods of instruction. Students will learn low-light principles and flashlight techniques, then demonstrate those techniques under stress in force on force scenarios. Students will receive course materials they can use to present an eight-hour block of basic low-light instruction to their departments. The Surefire Institute is the leader in flashlight training and instructor development.
Topics Addressed: -Principles of low-light tactics
-Solo and pair drilling
-Fundamental tactical concepts
-Using hand-held flashlights with firearms
-Lighting tools review
-Teaching low-light
-Entry Techniques

Certified Instructors Have access to:
Instructor curriculum package
No-charge updates to multimedia
Reduced price on SureFire products

Course Fee Includes a SureFire Tactical Flashlight
Ammunition Requirements:       300 Rounds Pistol Ammunition
10 Rounds 12 Gauge Shotshells
20 Rounds 223 Factory
100 Rounds Marking Cartridges
Packing List: -Pistol, Carbine, & Shotgun
-Duty Belt
-Eye and Ear Protection(clear)
-Force on Force Safety Equipment

-Equipment/Ammo assistance Upon Request
Course Cost:    $550.00


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