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Course Category Precision Rifle
Course Type: Open Class
Course Name: Tactical Marksman [Register]

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Class Length: 4 Days

Our Precision Rifle Course is geared for the beginning to semi-experienced long range shooter, from both the civilian and law enforcement fields.


The course will cover basic instruction on equipment, range estimation, ballistics, fundamentals of scoped marksmanship, atmospherics, reading wind and wind formulas, managing data book, range cards, low light and no-light shooting.

Ranges will go from 100 to approximately 1000 yds.   


During this class you will be drinking from a firehose.  There is a lot of information, concepts and data that will taught in a very short period of time.



Topics Addressed:       -Fitting the Rifle and Scope
-Fundamentals of Scoped Rifle Marksmanship
-Scope Theory and Adjustments
-Effects of Weather and Environment
-Cold Bore Shots
-Data Books
-Range Estimation
-Sniper Observer Communication
-Low Light/ No Light Engagements
-Observation Techniques
-Team Coverage
-Multiple Engagements
Packing List:

Required Gear:
-Scoped Rifle
-Shooting Support (bi-pod or alternate device)
-250 rds of match style ammunition (No Armor Piercing)
-200 rds for carbine
-Eye and Hearing Protection (electronic required)
-Handheld optics (Binos or Spotting Scope)

-Sand Sock
-Note Taking Material
-Drinks and Snacks as needed

-Recommended Gear:
-Spotting Scope
-Carbine (for spotter duties)
-Rain Gear
-Sun Screen
-First Aid Kit
-Lense Cleaner
A tactical mil'ing scope is highly recommended for this course, but is not a mandatory requirement.

Course Cost: $750.00

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