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Larry Vickers Pistol Carbine Course [Register]
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Course Category Vickers Tactical
Course Type: Open Class
Course Name: Larry Vickers Pistol Carbine Course [Register]
Dates: Call with interest
Topics Addressed: Topics covered include basic carbine and pistol topics and the following: malfunction drills, shooting on the move as well as strong hand and weak hand shooting and transitions. Introduction to timed fire drills and evaluations based on class skill level. Concealed carry methods are also covered. Night-fire will depend on time of year and range restrictions
Ammunition Requirements:       1000/Carbine 500/Pistol NO RELOADS
Packing List: Serviceable carbine with a sling. A tactical-type sling is preferred.
Minimum 1 carbine magazine pouch - or method to carry spare magazine(s)
Minimum of 5 carbine serviceable magazines (More is better)
A serviceable pistol, with Five serviceable magazines.
A holster and magazine pouch
Eye and ear protection (electronic hearing protection is required)
Suitable range wear depending on the season
Knee and elbow pads are optional
Good attitude
Course Cost: $600.00


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