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Course Category Carbine/Rifle
Course Type: Open Class
Course Name: Basic Tactical Carbine

Classes Forming Please call or email if interested.

Private Classes Available

Prerequisite: Training Prerequisite - Familiarity with basic operation of your weapon systems.
Some 22 caliber rifles and 22 adapters can be used during this course. Please call or email for more information.

Approved Weapons:
- Any AK-style weapon
- M4/M16 family of weapons in any caliber
- Pistol of any caliber with holster
Class Length: One Day
Description: The emphasis of the course is on weapons manipulation and close range marksmanship within 50 yards.
Topics Addressed: Disassembly and maintenance
- Sling usage
- Basic tactical marksmanship principles
with emphasis on fast sight acquisition
- Basic ready positions
- Basic shooting positions
- Tactical / Emergency reloads
- Malfunction clearance
- Moving with the weapon
- Use of cover
- Support/Weak side shooting
- Basic tactical light usage during night fire
- Introduction to Room-clearing
Ammunition Requirements: 400 Rifle
100 Pistol
Packing List: Required equipment:
- Minimum of 4 magazines for the rifle
- Quality pistol with two magazines
- Weapon sling (tactical type that allows the weapon to be carried muzzle down, hands free, is preferred)
- Weapon cleaning equipment
- Load bearing kit capable of carrying a minimum of 3 extra magazines
- Gloves (if using a kalashnikov)
- Wrap around eye protection
- Ear protection (electronic preferred)
- Hat with a bill
- Fluids

Recommended equipment:
- Camelback
- Dump pouch
- Lawn chair for breaks
- Snivel gear (we will train in inclement weather)
- Sports drinks or rehydration mixes
- Spare rifle and/or parts
Course Cost: $150


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