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We strive to provide the best training experience possible to our students. Our primary goal is offering a safe learning environment and one that is best suited to the needs of the individual and/or class.

Our facility is centrally located in the United States, so it provides a convenient training location for almost anyone in America. The actual facility is approximately one and a half hours south of the Kansas City International Airport. Our location is less than half an hour away from a great selection of hotels, restaurants and other amenities.

All of our advanced and hosted classes, involving the use of firearms, are conducted on private property that is secluded to provide you with an uninterrupted training experience that will permit us, or the guest Instructor to provide the type of training environment that is required for such specialized training. On occasion we also host classes and conduct training at other locations.


DVC's instructors come from a varied background ranging from law enforcement, military, to competitive shooting. Our programs are not based on theory; they draw from the real world experiences of our instructors so we can teach proven and effective techniques geared toward the survivability and safety of our students.

Experience and knowledge, though important are not the only necessary requirements, the ability of an instructor or teacher to effectively convey knowledge to a student is paramount. Our instructors have years of experience in working with people of diverse backgrounds, to include non-English speaking students both inside and outside the country.


We strive to make each class the best that it possibly can be, this is not just to make you a repeat customer, but because we believe in what we are doing and what we are teaching. We know that each one of our student's lives could very well depend on the techniques that we teach, this is an obligation that we take very seriously.



John- Director of Training
John is an experienced training, team and project leader with a nineteen-year history of assuring excellent, incident-free training and logistics management operations under emergency response, combat, peacetime, and other critical conditions. 


He has recently completed a ten-year record of distinguished active duty military service, during which he had the honor to be charged with the development and implementation of cutting-edge security operations in some of the world's most sensitive environments and situations.  His assignments have included Light Infantry Sniper Section Leader duties and ranging to battalion training officer ensuring the training for combat and law enforcement operations to managing logistics and convoy security operations during Operation Noble Eagle, Enduring Freedom, and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  John has also had numerous deployments overseas as a security contractor for both the Department of Defense and the State Department. 
He is a certified pistol and personal protection instructor and certified by the Kansas Attorney General’s Office to provide concealed carry training.   John has successfully completed some of the most intensive courses the military has to offer.  These include Airborne, Air Assault, Sniper and many other challenging programs.
  John tasks himself to share with each student the techniques, skills, and mindset that culminates in the student being equipped and prepared to take responsibility for their own personal safety.



Ben - Instructor 
Ben has the distinction of serving his country for more than 20 years in  the United States military.  In this time he trained Foreign Nationals in various basic and advanced skills.  In addition to this experience he also worked with various Law Enforcement agencies such as the US Marshall Service and the Drug Enforcement Agency providing training in surveillance and interdiction techniques.
Ben holds a Master Instructor rating for promoting safe gun handling for over 30 years.  He is also a certified Pistol and Personal Protection Instructor and certified by the Kansas Attorney General’s Office to provide Concealed Handgun License training.


Larry Vickers Guest Instructor

 Description:    My courses bring a unique blend of accuracy oriented marksmanship drills with real world practical experience. I have had the life changing experience of being exposed to combat situations that tend to bring out the best and worst of human behavior. I have been fortunate in the respect that I have learned from that experience and bring that mindset to my classes. My background is a very uncommon blend of combat marksmanship and firearms industry knowledge and experience and because of that my classes are therefore very unique with specific teaching points and methods not available anywhere else. Highly specialized tactical training is also available depending on end user needs and requirements.
For more info on Larry Vickers go to his website vickerstactical.com

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